Sony confirms PlayStation 5, Holiday 2020 release date.

After numerous rumours and leaks, Sony finally breaks the silence on their upcoming next-gen console ‘PlayStation 5’. Sony has kept the whole program under curtains but many leaks gave it away for Sony and gamers weren’t much excited about the announcement because they already saw this coming.


Sony’s next-gen console is considered as the most powerful console of all time because it will be equipped with 8-Core AMD chip backed with Navi graphics which means that PlayStation 5 will also support ray-tracing and provides the best gaming experience in high-resolution.

PlayStation 5 will be equipped with SSD which means that we can expect some solid performance and shorter loading times. Not only that, For the first time, PlayStation 5 will have backwards-compatibility support which means that gamers will be able to play PS4 & PS3 Games on PS5. Some critics believed that with this backwards-compatibility support, PS5 might be able to run PS2 & PS1 games as well.

According to Sony. PS5 Will be able to run games on 8k with solid FPS but we’ll have to see this with our own eyes before we can believe this because PS4 Could hardly maintain 60 fps with 4k display. All the specs of PS5 were not revealed earlier so we’ll have to wait till the release to know more.


PlayStation 5 has a rather unique design and it’s nothing like its predecessors. The PlayStation 5 design wasn’t revealed officially but thanks to some resources, we know a bit about the design of the upcoming next-gen console.

PlayStation 5 Leaked Picture


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Above, you can take a look at the leaked pic of PS5 which clearly shows the architect of the console. This time around, PlayStation 5 has a lot of air vents so we can safely say that overheating will not be an issue with this console.

The design looks unique and we haven’t seen anything like that in the past so we can say that Sony is going for a different approach with this one.

Let’s move onto what we know from the leaked picture. We can see a V-Shape platform that contains multiple buttons on the front and a few USB ports. It’s believed that PS5 Controllers will feature USB type-c but with this next-gen console, we were hoping that wireless controlled would a thing now but I think developers still want to stick to wired controllers.

Release Date

Sony revealed that PlayStation 5 will be released at the end of 2020 (Somewhere in December) which means that we will have to wait 12 more months to finally get our hands on the most anticipated next-gen console. As for the cost of PlayStation5, Rumors are that PS5 will cost somewhere around $450-$500 but we don’t know that for certain.

PS5 Games

One game is already announced for PlayStation5 and it’s called ‘GodFall’. Developed by Counterplay games, GodFall is an upcoming RPG which will also be the first game to be released on PS5. We’ve already discussed that PS5 will have backwards-compatibility so we can play all the games that were released on PlayStation over the years. As for the new titles, Some AAA titles like GTA VI, Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok and The Witcher 4 are rumoured to release soon after the release of PlayStation 5.


Expectations are high from this upcoming PlayStation 5 but we also have to take into account that Microsoft and Google are also bringing their gaming platforms and PS5 will have to compete against them as well so it better be equipped to beat them.

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