How Coronavirus is Boosting Gaming in China

The devastating plague hit China and forced millions to stay indoors. Coronavirus is significantly boosting gaming in China. Keep human interaction to the minimum, people are spending most of the time staying indoor and playing their favorite games. At this time of the year, Chinese people are celebrating their New year and enjoying to the fullest but unfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak is making people stay indoors.

The coronavirus was first detected in the city of Wuhan and then spread across the country. It has infected thousands of people across China and the death toll is somewhere near 1,300. The plague has left many in despair as they can’t even leave their homes.

On the contrary, people in China are spending their time while playing video games and there are millions of active players that are really boosting the gaming industry in China. However, many gaming tournaments were canceled and many factories were also closed amid the lockdown.

According to a CNN report, Apple’s app store is getting more downloads than ever and their revenue is up by 12% in the past few months. There’s a significant increase on the steaming platforms as well where games like PUBG, League of Legends & Fortnite are quite popular and receiving chunks of views.

There are also some reports suggesting that many premium games are now free and publishers are introducing in-game purchases to make their game more popular in front of this huge audience.

There’s some bad news for gamers from all over the world as well because due to the coronavirus outbreak, many factories that were responsible for the production of next-gen consoles are also closed and many believe that there might be a delay in the release of Sony’s Playstation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. Furthermore, Bloomberg recently reported that Nintendo is likely to struggle to supply the Nintendo consoles to the European and US markets because the coronavirus is affecting the output of some main components that are used in the console.

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The Nintendo spokesman recently apologized for the shortage of console and stated that the virus is forcing them to shut down the factories and hence the shortage. In the meantime, the coronavirus continues to affect gaming in many ways all over the world but one good thing is that many people in China are turning towards gaming to keep them distracted from the fear of life-threatening plague which is haunting the whole country. 

While Coronavirus is Boosting Gaming in China, it’s also expected that we’ll face a shortage of many important gaming components.

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