The Last Of Us Part II – A Beginners Guide

The Last Of Us Part II has taken the gaming world by storm – Image source

For those of you who I assume have been trapped in a coal mine or live in the Amish community and somehow missed the news,  The Last Of Us Part Two is available to play right now. The Apocalyptic, gritty story-based game that tugs on the heartstrings from start to finish released on 19th June 2020 and has been met with a cavalcade of outstanding reviews, which might we add, are fully deserved.

Though for those coming fresh to the series, unaware of the mechanics, hard-hitting plot or the intense stealth and combat that occurs throughout, this can seem like a daunting experience to take on. To the game’s credit, it actually has a series of excellent accessibility settings and a seamless and well-paced tutorial section.

Though there is a multitude of tips and tricks that the game fails to highlight in as much detail as necessary. Skills and knowledge that are essential if you are going to tackle the unforgiving ‘grounded difficulty setting. So we have taken the time to put together a beginners guide to The Last Of Us Part II so that you don’t get infected and navigate this new world with ease.

Use Your Head

The Last Of Us Part II is a game that tries to push every boundary of conventional gaming forward. This is true when it comes to gaming logic. This title will ask the player to think outside the box when it comes to progressing to the next area. For example, many games have locked doors that will require a key to open. In The Last Of Us Part II you’re living through an apocolypse. Breaking and entering ain’t a thing and hasn’t been for a long time. So break a window if you have to and enter that way.

The Last Of Us Part II really asks the player to think outside the box – Image source

Though this may cause some runners and other inhabitants of this dangerous world to close in on your position. So just be mindful when thinking outside the box. Just because you’re thinking differently doesn’t mean caution isn’t a good idea.

Access All Areas

As I mentioned, the accessibility settings offer the ability to play the way that’s comfortable for you. With custom subtitles, highlighted key items with bold colours. Plus various other considerations that make this title accessible to pretty much every player that wishes to take on the challenge. Though there is a setting that will also help you fly through the game if you choose to use it.

This title has outstanding accessibility considerations – image source

In the accessibility menu, you can choose to select an option which will highlight items in areas at the touch of a button. This is the enhanced listen option where you can sense items in the room by pressing the circle button. It’s a real immersion breaker but can be ideal, especially if you are low on resources which can happen very easily in this title.

Skill Trees

Unlike the first installment of this gritty tale, this title includes filly fleshed out skill trees to improve Ellie’s skills in battle. So when investing your skill points into these areas, be sure to choose the perks that fit your playstyle. Though, one perk we would highly recommend for any type of player is the endure perk.

Fully fleshed out skill trees are a great addition – image source

This skill allows players to take an extra hit. Meaning that if a bullet would have taken you down to zero health, this perk will allow you to tank another hit. This comes in handy in clutch situations where you need to rush an enemy. Or if you’re trying to escape and are on your last bar of health. It can be the difference between life and death. So consider the endure perk as you begin to build your skills up.

Go Prone

This title adds a rather rudimentary mechanic that has been seen in other titles. This is, of course, the ability to go prone. This is not only an essential skill to traverse certain tight spaces in the game. It is also something that can be used to your advantage in both stealth and combat situations.

You can really use the prone skill to your advantage – image source

Going prone in overgrown areas allows you to remain hidden from large groups of enemies. Tall grass allows you to navigate areas swarming with enemies by staying low and hidden. Though, if you do want to take on the crowds, you can do so with more accurate shots in a prone position. This allows the player to shoot with less weapon sway and recoil. Meaning you can shoot from longer ranges and pick off enemies without alerting the whole crowd.

Use Checkpoints To Your Advantage

One thing the game will not encourage players to do is to start over. If you survive an infected encounter by the skin of the teeth, the game will keep funnelling you forward and won’t really give you enough resources to refill ammo or health, especially on higher difficulties. So don’t be afraid to start over and plan your attack again with a new perspective.

Use too many arrows? Start over! – image source

Checkpoints are actually quite forgiving in this game, unlike the higher difficulty gameplay. So if you use way too many bullets, items or run your health bar down to nothing, then it may be best to start from your last checkpoint. There is no penalty and you probably won’t be put too far back. It can be a great tactic to ease the burden later in the playthrough.

Prioritize Enemies

When presented with the new and fearsome enemies that this new installment of The Last Of Us offers, you may want to plan your means of attack. By that we mean analyse the field of battle, the various terrains and resources on offer. Though most important, know what enemies are present.

Scope out the area and plan your approach Image source

For example, if there are runners and clickers, prioritise the fast-moving runners that will alert the clickers. If there are enemies that are armoured, focus on those over normal enemies. Or alternatively, if there are dogs, be sure to take those out fast. They are vicious, fast and you can’t hide from them. So before you jump into battle, just take a moment and plan ahead.

So that’s our quick beginner’s guide to The Last Of Us Part II. Are there any tips that you found helpful on this list? Is there anything that we missed? How are you liking The Last Of Us II so far? Be sure to let us know in the comments and as always, thank you for reading.

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