Top 5 Mobile Game Genres of 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, it’s time to review the game genres that have impacted mobile gaming over the last year. Whether players are looking for strategic multiplayer games or a relaxing single-player experience, these five genres offer a variety of possible experiences in mobile gaming. The categories below are listed in no particular order, but all five have made a splash on the mobile gaming scene this year.

Puzzle Games

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Puzzle games have been one of the staples of mobile games since the days of Candy Crush Saga. Even in 2019, puzzle games have continued to challenge players to find creative solutions to problems ranging from escaping rooms to connecting dots. Players looking for a mental test should search no further than for the games found within the puzzle category. Part of the beauty of puzzle games as well as the variety of aesthetics that can be found in the genre. Looking for a beautiful and relaxing game? Check out Monument Valley. Looking for something more strategic? Try Hitman Go or Lara Croft Go.

Battle Royale Games


Always known for a good time with friends or a quick way to blow off some steam, battle royale games have found a perfect home on mobile devices. With the addition of PUBG Mobile Lite and Call of Duty Mobile this year, mobile games are continuing to grow in battle royale games and the inclusion of those modes. Some of the hit games from the last few years, like Fortnite, have easily carried over into 2019 as well. Between the newer additions and older favourites, it doesn’t seem like this genre is going anywhere anytime soon.

Casual Games

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With the arrival of games like Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on mobile devices, casual games have continued to maintain their dominance on the mobile game scene. Relaxing games like Animal Restaurant and Florence and Helix Jump let players unwind. Story-driven games focused on player choice have also grown in popularity with games like Choices: Stories You Play and Storyscape allowing players to enjoy a winding narrative with little reflex-focused gameplay. Whichever way players choose to experience these titles, these games have been marked by simple controls and an easy learning curve for entering the game.

Arcade Games

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Unlike the other genres listed so far, arcade games are known for focusing on just one or two controls. The story takes a backseat to the gameplay and action in the arcade genre. Some of these games, such as Pac-Man, allow players a more retro return to classic arcade games. Others have updated the genre or allowed it to be used in new ways. Crossy Road is one such game that takes the old arcade game Frogger and updates it to a new and improved experience.

Adventure Games

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Adventure games are one of the most classic game genres around, so it should be no surprise that they make an impact on mobile gaming overall. Adventure games focus on giving players their own world and journey to experience. Square Enix has bloomed on the mobile game market with imports of games like Final Fantasy XV (Pocket Edition for mobile games) and Life is Strange. Other adventure games focus on platforming experience such as Gris and its magical journey through a young woman’s world. With the variety of experiences that connect to the adventure genre, there is something to be found for every player.

So what categories will impact the mobile game industry in 2020? That’s going to be up to the players, but if 2020 is like 2019, there are going to be plenty of games to play.

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