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Project REsistance

Project Resistance is the latest addition that is announced to be released on 3rd April 2020. Yet, it has been trending in gaming discussions as the fans out there are anxiously waiting to get their hands on this masterpiece based on Resident Evil franchise that is popular for live-action films, animated films, comic books, novels, and video games. The franchise has undoubtedly influenced a whole generation in every possible way, and there is hardly someone who has not heard the name of Resident Evil movies, games or novels.

After the release of the first Resident Evil video game in 1996, the franchise has grown tremendously and has already released a number of video games that are highly popular among the gaming community. Capcom owns the franchise and launches the Resident Evil video games.

The chatter in the gaming community for Project Resistance is growing as the release date comes closer. The game is announced to be launched for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is also available for pre-order on the website and on


Story of Resident Evil needs no detailed introduction as almost all of us are familiar with the famous raccoon city and the umbrella experiments with the T-virus. For those of us, who are new to the Resident Evil series, I would try to brief it.

Umbrella Corporation is the company that makes bio-chemical medicines with their headquarters called “Hive” under the fictional Racoon city. With an AI taking control of the organization, it releases the deadly T-virus into the atmosphere with an ulterior plan to wipe out humanity and restore the plane to its original condition. The T-virus spreads a wave of zombie apocalypse across the planet and only a few with a strong immunity system are able to survive the effects but, their struggles don’t end here. Now, they have to fight billions of zombies, wild beasts turned more deadly after the virus outbreak and of course the AI that controls the operation of Umbrella Corporation.

Project Resistance being the multiplayer game, you can choose to be either the mastermind stopping the survivors to escape from Umbrella’s holding facility or be one of the survivors and successfully escape to win the game.


Project Resistance offers unique, yet immersive multiplayer gameplay. It is a 1v4 multiplayer-online game with a third-person perspective. Depending on the role you chose for your character, you are given the time of 5 minutes in which you must either escape or eliminate the survivors so they are not able to escape. While the game offers two different perspectives to play with, the right way to understand them in detail would be:

Mastermind: The twisted mastermind has certain special powers and privileges over the survivor as you will be given control over a special control room where you can interact with the survivors and make their survival difficult. Mastermind has to stop the survivors from escaping by using Camera mounted guns, planting traps and explosives in their ways, closing the doors through the control room, sending beasts their way, controlling the zombies directly or facing them in direct combat. Since the game is online-multiplayer, the survivors are real too and they will try their best to escape. As mastermind, your goal is to keep them engaged until the timer lasts or to eliminate them before they could escape.

Survivors: There are four survivors in the game against one mastermind, and they need to work together as a team to be able to escape the facility without getting killed. Each survivor has a different and unique special ability that is going to help in the escape. The abilities are, Damage, Healing, Hacking, and support. By using these special skills, you need to fight your way out to survival. There is a timer running, and you need to make it to the exit point by killing the beasts and zombies, staying away from traps and fighting the mastermind if need be.

Project Resistance - Everything we know about

There are a lot of real-life firearms and other weapons like explosives and melee weapons you can use to fight your way to survival. The first look on the trailer takes you to nostalgic feelings of the Resident Evil universe, and raccoon city.


Capcom has always been one of the best game developers and they have put their extensive experience in the gaming industry to good use. The graphics on the trailer and beta version offered by them are crisp and sharp. With such difficult 3D effects like zombies, wild beasts, destruction in an urban environment and futuristic looks of the game, there does not seem to be any flaw or lack. The graphics team has done justice to the franchise by rendering each animation flawlessly.

From the character’s movement to special abilities, attacks, blasts, and destruction effects, every animation is perfect and feels like it is not going to be an easy to leave game. The immersive graphics on the trailer are evidently showing that this game definitely does not lack when it comes to graphics.


It starts with Signature Resident Evil music in the background theme that is redefined and the immersive feelings of that suspenseful music make you dive deep with the first impression of the trailer. The game is certainly not going to be any different and feels like SFX and music are going to be synced perfectly to provide you a truly immersive sound experience on the game.

However, these are just from the first impression of the trailer and beta version of the game. Resident Evil series has been widely popular in the past with their games and the hype and chatter on social platforms for Project Resistance makes it certain that the gaming community is waiting to get their hands on this title to play with and fight the zombies in multiplayer mode.

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