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Tired of playing the subway surfers? Why not try a runner game that is fresher and more challenging and even better than the most elite games that have been dominating play store since a very long time.

That’s right, I am talking about the “Office Runner” game which is a highly addictive and kid-friendly runner game developed very recently by the “Orion Games Ltd” on the late of April 2020.

Office Runner is an offline arcade, a runner game, which all set to tackle the infamous Subway Surfers in the near future.


This fun Android game is set on an office theme where you will be playing as a mischievous office employee where your boss will be chasing you and you will have to make sure that you don’t fall into his hands.

The gameplay is pretty simple (at least not as complicated as rocket science). The only thing complicated in this game are the obstacles, and you have to swipe left and right, jump up, dodge down to avoid getting bumped into those.

There are different kinds of obstacles on the runway and there are different controls for each of them. You can swipe left and right to collect coins along the way, which you can use to purchase boosts like hoverboards and toilet rolls throw them at your boss’s face.

You can jump over small obstacles by swiping up on the screen and there will be certain obstacles, jumping over them will be impossible, so you need to swipe down in the screen to dodge them by rolling under them.

There is also a goal completion award system which rewards you for completing certain goals. For example, you will receive the “magnet master” award along with 200 coins for collecting 10 magnets.

The office runner game also consists of a reward system where the players will be rewarded on a daily basis in the “daily spin” section. There will be various different kinds of challenges, completing upon which rewards the player, which is the main attraction of this game.

There are unlimited levels in this game and different kinds of characters for you to unlock.

Upbeat music and sounds are used in this game which is just enough to keep the player busy for hours (even for a few days) without getting bored for a second. I personally loved the coin collecting sound used in this game. Huge credit goes to the sound artist here. Clap Clap.


The controls in the office runner game are very responsive and there is no noticeable time lag between the input and the output, which is quite amazing. The game is made in a way to make sure that the players get the most of the juice out of it in the form buttery smooth performance.


Everyone knows that a game’s graphics is the second most important factor for a game after the gameplay, however, the developers in this game took decent care of it. Office Runner is a 3D cartoon-based game and the visuals (including the characters, environment, and other factors) are quite appealing and colourful.

The game has one of its own graphics and the details in the game are just phenomenal, you will hardly notice any bug in it.

Does it require an internet connection?

No, Office runner 3D is an offline single-player game and it doesn’t necessarily need an active internet connection. There are few restrictions you might experience without an internet connection, for example: If you don’t have enough diamonds, you can’t revive your character without watching a small ad.

The lifesaving advertisements are only available only when you are connected to the internet, that’s why it is always recommended to have an internet connection while playing the game.

Is it free?

Yes, The office runner game is completely free to download from the play store, and the users are not required to pay a penny to enjoy it. The game, however, has in-game purchase options where the players can buy diamonds and coins to revive their gameplay and to buy boosts from the store.

Is it kid-friendly?

Office Runner is rated for 3+ old and without a doubt, it is the epitome of kid’s game. This game is however made by keeping in mind to provide a friendly experience to all age groups. There is no explicit or bold content in this game which makes it reliable for parents to let their kids explore Office Runner.

Does it have irritating ads?

As the office runner is free to play the game, it is supported by its advertisements. However, it is safe to say that the ads are neither irritating nor repetitive and they don’t intrude your gaming experience by popping up suddenly in the middle of a level.

There are options where players can willfully watch ads for few seconds in return for a reward which might include coins, diamonds, or boosts. This means it is easier to watch a small ad and get your reward rather than buying it.

Game size and system requirements?

Okay, the game is perfect but how big is it? Can my mobile phone run it smoothly? If that’s what you are asking, I must tell you that Office Runner is a lightweight game that comes under 60MB mark, and it can be played in almost any android phone with 1GB RAM in it.

However, it is recommended for players to use at least a 3GB RAM mobile phone with a decent processor to experience fully immersive gameplay.

User Interface:

A game could be super awesome and very addictive but if it’s the user interface is complicated and confusing people will very likely quit the game and move on. That’s why a game UI is very important for a game and I can say that developers took very good care in that.

The home page is clean and has all the components in it, and hence the navigation is hasslefree which provides a good experience to the players.


• Easy to play
• Different characters to unlock
• Unlimited levels which are never going to run out
• Less intrusive advertisements
• Responsive controls
• Good graphics quality
• Different difficulty levels


• Could have been Leader board to compete with other players
• Obstacles can be hard to dodge sometimes but it’s challenging

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