PUBG DDoS hacks are worrying the developers.

Gamers from all over the world are obsessed with PUBG mobile. But they’ve also been complaining a lot about many technical issues that they are facing. PUBG DDoS hacks are responsible for the issues and developers are trying their best to resolve these problems.

In the past year, PUBG faced many issues and users were complaining a lot about sudden game crashes and shuttering. However, season 6 update made things even worse and now almost everyone is facing issues with the game and this is worrying the developers.

Recently, PUBG developers addressed that they are working on a solution to fix the problems. But, many DDoS attacks are still hurting the performance of the game.

Moreover, to fight against DDoS attacks, developers had to add many solutions and update their firewalls. But still, many hackers are trying to infiltrate the game which is causing packet losses and other issues.

PCGamer recently reported that PUBG had been a victim of many DDoS attacks in November of 2019. But these attacks were increased at the start of 2020 which lead developers to take steps against these attacks.

PUBG developers also stated that ‘”While testing various DDoS defence solutions from external infrastructure providers, server locations were often located far away from standard locations, which resulted in increased ping and other network issues for some players”.

“Additionally, many players have suffered from constant packet loss issues due to the strategies implemented by the providers.

PUBG also faced many DDoS attacks in January but nearly 85% of them were prevented from infiltration and the credit goes to the newly implemented Anti-DDoS solution.

However, developers are still working on many different programs for DDoS protection. Furthermore, they’re confident that they’ll fix all the technical issues in the coming days. A spokesperson for PUBG also said that combating cheaters is still their first priority. He also that they’ll continue to work on different sources to catch and ban cheaters.

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Anti-Ban has been quite popular among many gaming communities and a lot of gamers are using this program. Many gamers are using this program to cheat their way to the top but this is also impacting the performance of the game and creating problems for developers as well.

In recent times, PUBG kept this issue hidden but this time around, they had to face a lot of angry gamers who were complaining about these DDoS attacks. And they replied with “We’re sorry they’ve persisted for so long.”

As for the DDoS attackers, developers said that they are looking into the attackers and collecting data to take legal action against them. Despite all these protection firewalls and anti-cheat software, PUBG is still facing many issues.

In conclusion, PUBG developers are confident that sooner or later, they will find the culprits who are responsible for these PUBG DDoS hacks and take some legal action against them. but for now, they’re focused on fixing the issues with the game and provide their users with the best gaming experience.

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